The European Suzuki Association is raising further funds for the our Trust through the 'Give a Child a Teacher Campaign 2016-17.

The Trustees of the European Suzuki Teaching Development Trust would like to thank the European Suzuki Association for running a fundraising campaign to support the

Training of Teachers to Nurture Musical Ability in Children

Special thanks to all those who held concerts or other events or  made generous personal donations.  We would like to thank all those teachers, parents and children from the following countries for their support:

Estonia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia and Switzerland.

Baltic Cello Teacher Training
A cello teacher training course organised jointly by Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia is now underway,, supported by the Trust.  The teacher trainer is Anja Maja, Finland.

The appeal in 2015-16 raised a total of £5345.

All the proceeds from these donations and from everything donated to the Trust will go to funding our projects.  We have no admin costs and all the Trustees give their time free and claim no expenses.

For further details about the events,see

European Suzuki Association

The website of the European Suzuki Teaching Development Trust