The first Zimbabwe violin course April 2016.

Anja Maja and Baltic Cello Course participants.

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Long term Teacher Training

Current Projects supported by Suzuki Development



An exciting new violin teacher training course has started in Harare with ESA Teacher Trainer, Karen Kimmett (Canada) as Teacher Trainer.  The Trust has agreed funding for this course for 2017.​

Latvia: Piano and Violin

The  Latvian Suzuki Association, recognised by ESA in February 2013, was set up by piano teachers who had trained with Mary McCarthy in Scotland and Ireland.  The violin and piano courses set up by the association have proved very successful. In April 2015 the five violin teachers trained by Koen Rens took their level 1 exams in Brussels.  Mary McCarthy's trainees took their exams during the first Latvian Summer Workshop. Six new teacher passed level 1 piano and one took level 3.  The Trust will be supporting further courses during 2016-17.


Russia Violin and Piano

The Russian Suzuki Association held its first introductory course in Moscow in October 2013 led by violin teacher trainer Helen Brunner (UK) and ESA's deputy chairman and flute director Anke van der Bijl (Netherlands). Helen Brunner (from London) led the first violin course during 2014 and 15. Level 1 violin exams were held at the Latvian Summer Workshop in August 2015 when four Russian teachers took their level 1 exams. Further violin exams were held in October 2016 in Moscow. A new piano teacher training course started in Moscow in February 2015, directed by Kristinn Őrn Kristinsson from Iceland.  The students also attended the teacher training sessions and observed the Summer Workshop in Latvia. Piano exams were held in Warsaw in the summer of 2016, with six students passing their level one exam.

Baltic Cello Teacher Training
A cello teacher training course organised jointly by Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia is now underway, supported by the Trust.  The teacher trainer is Anja Maja, Finland.


The Estonian Suzuki Association has a well developed programme for violin teaching and training, but has until recently been very short of piano teachers. Finally, with the support of the Trust, a piano course got under way in February 2015 with an introductory workshop led by Grant Mead (UK).  Further weekend sessions followed as well as participation in the Lithuanian Summer Workshop.  The course is currently continuing directed jointly by Grant Mead (who offers sessions in London) and Marzena Jasinska from Poland, who travels to Estonia. Exams are planned for 2016 with support from the Trust.

​South Africa

Violin teacher training continues with Christophe Bossuat (France) and Karen Kimmett (Canada) with the support of the South African Suzuki Association.  The Cello Teacher Training Course directed by Ruben Rivera (France) is receving continued support from the Trust.


Future Projects

From  time to time, introductory courses are held in new countries in Europe and the other parts of the world where the European Suzuki Association is responsible for organising teacher training.  Some of these may lead to further long-term courses.  It is also hoped that new courses will be set up in existing member countries where there is further need for development or new instruments.  



Further Information

For more information about Long Term Teacher Training and the Suzuki Approach, please see the European Suzuki Association’s website: